Looking to visit Lake Tahoe? You aren’t alone! Many people visit Lake Tahoe each year and are blown away by how clear the water is. This year is going to be a treat because reports are the lake is the clearest it has been in over 40 years.

Why is this the case? Aside from the massive amount of precipitation and snow runoff from the 2022-2023 season, there are a few other reasons why. One of the key factors that contribute to the clarity of the water in Lake Tahoe is the presence of small aquatic animals called Daphnia and Bosmina zooplankton.

These animals feed on microscopic algae that float in the water and help to keep the water clear. The decline in Daphnia and Bosmina zooplankton in years past led to an increase in the amount of algae in the water. This led to a decrease in water clarity.

That decrease in water clarity was a cause for concern. It had a negative impact on those who visit Lake Tahoe. Many people who visit Lake Tahoe rely the recreational use of the lake, as well as on the ecosystem as a whole so this was no small issue.

Managing lake clarity is a multi-faceted task and while the zooplankton are a huge factor in lake clarity, community driven and regional efforts must continue to work hard to protect the fragile ecosystem we have here in Lake Tahoe. These models employed here serve as a framework for many other areas so any efforts go well beyond the Tahoe region.

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